Saturday, July 2, 2011

Layered Skirt - A Tutorial

I've never sewn Georgette before and I'm nervous. It turns out sewing thin fabric wasn't that scary :-) This skirt I made for my daughter. It's a very simple skirt employed some clever scheme to hide all raw edge so don't worry if you don't have a serger.
First start out with 3 rectangles (I need the third one since Georgette is so seer, but you can just use cotton and only need 2 pieces: 1 big and 1 small).
  • Georgette fabric or any lightweight fabric
  • Matching cotton or any lightweight fabric
  • elastic band
  • Matching thread
  • each rectangle has the length measured by the waistline measurement x 1.5 or 2. For 40" to 45" fabric I just use the whole width, only cut the size of the height so I don't have to worry about concealing the raw edge.
  • for the large piece the height would be from waistline to knee + 1.5 inches, cut 2: 1 from the Georgette fabric, 1 from the lining fabric.
  • The small piece should have the height 3 inches shorter than the other 2.
  • Sew 1 seam on the short ends of all pieces to form a tube. Iron seams open. Zigzag the raw edges if needed.
  • Make the hem now on all pieces: fold the bottom end 1/4in, iron; fold another 1/4 in., iron then sew a seam 1/8in away from the edge.
Now's the tricky part:
  • Place the shorter Georgette tube on top/outside of the longer Georgette tube, right side up/out.
  • Place the liner on top/outside of the tube formed by previous step, right side up, or out.
  • Pin all 3 layers in place.

  • Sew all 3 layers together using a 0.5 in. seam.
  • Now open the liner layer away from the 2 Georgette pieces, iron.

  • Measure your elastic band's width, then add 0.5 in. as the distance from the folded edge down, mark a line using a disappearing pen. (sorry my line already disappearing :P)
  • Pin in place and sew all layers together using that line as the guide to form the casing for the elastic band, leaving an opening about 1.5 in. for inserting the elastic band. Sew another line 1/8in. away from the top edge. See? all your raw edges are concealed now.

  • Flip the outer layers up off the lining for inserting the elastic band. Cut a piece of elastic band the size of your child's waist + 1in., pin 1 end to the outside of the hole using a safety pin. Use another safety pin to insert the elastic band into the casing. Take care not to twist it inside the casing.

  • Overlap the 2 ends of the elastic band, zigzag a few lines to close.

  • Almost done :-) now close the gap on the casing
  • Voilà! a simple skirt with layers!

  • Now have fun!
    Happy the 4th of July!

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