Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Child talk

Conversation in the back of the car this morning at school bus stop:
Meggie (4): "Look out the window, look over there. You'll see something. Don't look at me. I don't want you looking at me!"
Sydney (7): "It's ok to look. I'm not touching you or pushing you. When you grow up, some boy might want to look at you because he likes you. Get used to it. Besides, you might get so pretty all the boys want to look at you."
Meggie: "Oookayyyy."
Meggie: "I'm gonna look like mommy."
Sydney: "Just don't look like her side. She's fat." (sly smile) Then he asked: "How much money will I get when I go to college, mommy?" (He saw his college fund statement once.)

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